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General information

LUKOIL Marine Lubricants offers a full range of the highest quality marine products in all major ports around the globe. As your trusted partner we ensure the best possible service.
To simplify your work, we would like to offer you guidance to assist you in handling your marine lubricants requests and deliveries for your fleet. We here to support you in planning your orders for LUKOIL Marine Lubricants.

Health, safety and environment protections
LUKOIL Marine Lubricants operates in strict compliance with LUKOIL‘s Health, Safety and Environment policy. Operating procedures will act to ensure the health and safety of employees, contractors, customers and the public. LUKOIL Marine Lubricants will also act in a socially responsible manner in protecting the environment and preserving natural resources. A comprehensive Health, Safety and Environment Management System has been developed and is operated worldwide to achieve and maintain these objectives.

LUKOIL Marine Lubricants encourages open dialogue with all parties on matters of health, safety and the environment.

The user is responsible for evaluating and using products in a safe manner and is expected to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. On request, a Safety Data Sheet is available for all products. It describes the product in terms of safety in use, handling and transportation.

Order process
When you have a lubricant request for your vessels, following section will help you to determine the availability and supply modes for LUKOIL Marine Lubricants worldwide.

The Lubchart is designed to help you understand which products your vessel requires. The Lubchart highlights the recommended LUKOIL Marine Lubricant for all installed engines and machinery on individual vessels and will be made available by our LUKOIL technical service team.

The Contract Port List provides a look- up chart for all ports sorted alphabetically by country and provides the information for the port of delivery associated with your order, including:

  • Product Availability Group
  • Supply Mode
  • Minimum Quantity per delivery
  • Order Notice

Following, these sections will be described in detail.
Before you send your lubricants order to your local LUKOIL Marine order taker please use the Contracts ports information to check these points for your port of delivery.

The Product Availability Groups highlight the range of available products at an individual port. There are three groups, i.e. Full, Extended and Core range. At a port which belongs to the Full range group, all LUKOIL Marine Lubricants are available. Ports that belong to the Extended and Core range group offer slightly fewer products although the important main grades are available. However, we will always strive to arrange the delivery of special products if at all possible and if sufficient notice is provided.

The Supply Mode outlines, for each port how individual lubricant grades can be delivered to your vessel. There are three possibilities:

  •  Drum: packed products in Drums (approx. 205 Liters) or Pails (approx. 20 Liters)
  •  Truck: bulk grades, delivered by truck
  •  Barge: bulk grades, delivered by barge to the vessel

The standard delivery method for main grades is by truck. Depending on the port and exact location of the vessel at the time of delivery a barge may be required. If this is necessary, please refer to the LUKOIL Price List for information on additional costs.

Please, always compare your requested quantity of LUKOIL Marine Lubricants with the Minimum Quantity per delivery which is stated for every port and vary for packed and bulk deliveries.

Another important aspect for a successful delivery is the Notice Time. This is the number of full working days between placing the order and the date of delivery. For example, you would like us to deliver on Friday (in this example a working day) and the notice time is three days, you would need to send the order on Monday to your local LUKOIL order taker.

Please keep in mind that there are different holidays and weekend times in different areas of the globe.
These days do not count as a working day. The Global Service Guide provides you with the usual working days and one standard time zone for a country or region.

Finally, your official nomination should include the following information:

  • Vessel Name
  • Order Number
  • Port of Delivery
  • Expected Time of Arrival (ETA)
  • Grades and requested quantities/pack size
  • Special requirements for the delivery
  • Vessel’s agent details at the port of delivery

After receiving your order we will advise the most convenient supply mode and provide you with the delivery details with our order confirmation. Please accept that, from time to time, product availability and supply mode may change. We as your trusted partner will always strive to establish the most convenient and favorable port and supply mode.

Delivery Process

Lubricants will be supplied in accordance with LUKOIL Marine Lubricants Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Where you have requested a specific delivery time, we will always try to meet your wishes. Therefore, we will stay in contact with the vessel’s agent to determine the best time for the delivery.

To enable us to offer safe delivery to you, we must work together to provide safe reception for the LUKOIL Marine Lubricants ordered. If the delivery is to be made by barge, then you must provide a safe and clear berth alongside the vessel or jetty.

Normally, lubricants are delivered from bonded stock. If that is not the case, any customs duty or tax incurred will be assigned to your account.

When receiving the delivery it is important that you sign the Delivery Receipt Note. Thereby you confirm the receipt of the products and state the next port of call which indicates whether tax is due or not. The signature is important evidence for most Tax Authorities and enables us to correctly identify that VAT and Duty should not be charged on witnessed export sales.

Hope that with information provided, you will enjoy planning and placing your LUKOIL Marine Lubricant deliveries for your fleet. If there are any further questions please do not hesitate to contact your local LUKOIL Sales Manager or Order Taker!

Contract Ports

Contract ports information contains general information for each country, one standard time zone of a country or region relative to UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) and working days, plus the information that you require regarding the port of delivery for your order, including the Product Availability Group, Supply Mode, Minimum Quantity per Delivery and Notice Time.

Non-contract port information

LUKOIL Marine Lubricants offers a full range of the highest quality marine products in all major ports and is continuously working on the alignment of the supply footprint to meet our current and future customers‘ needs. If you require us to supply your vessel at a port which is not yet listed in the LUKOIL Global Service Guide, we will do our best to arrange delivery at your preferred location.

Please note that this procedure takes more time than organizing a delivery at one of our contract ports. Therefore, your purchase order should reach your local LUKOIL Marine Lubricants order taker earlier than within the standard notice time. Any additional costs will be charged to your account.