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Used Oil Analysis Service

The Used Oil Analysis Service is a service provided by an independent partner of LUKOIL Marine Lubricants. 

Our service is offered in two levels: Standard and Enhanced. The Enhanced Service monitors the condition of the equipment in addition to the Standard Service level, which is the condition of the lubricating oils. 

The standard service level of the Used Oil Analysis Service concentrates on large systems such as main engines and big hydraulic systems to ensure the oil is fit for continued service. 

With the Enhanced Service we enable you to monitor the performance of machinery the oil is in contact with. In addition to the condition of the used oils we are estimating the condition of the equipment. Of course the oil of a small system can easily be replaced. However for a critical system it might still be a useful service to prevent machinery breakdown! 

In general the service describes the key oil characteristics such as kinematic viscosity, base- or acid numbers and evaluates external contaminants and the trend of different wear elements, size of particles, ISO cleanliness index, water content etc. The new oil characteristics and the OEM limits provides always a reference and are shown on the analysis report. 

The interpretation of Used Oil Analysis Service results is done in accordance to our standards.