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Lukoil Marine with a New EAL Generation
Since a few weeks ago only rapidly biodegradable lubricants are permitted in
US waters. Lukoil Marine trusts in new technology.
February 2014 – Due to new US regulations almost all ships exceeding 24 metres in length which
are operating in US coastal waters are confronted with much stricter environmental protection
requirements. The “Vessel General Permit” (VGP), in effect since December 19, 2013, stipulates
that rapidly biodegradable oils called “Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants” (EAL) must be used
in interfaces where oil can contaminate seawater.
This affects many underwater components of a vessel, ranging from the stern tube seal to the
mechanics in the variable pitch propeller, bow thruster, rudder stock, pod drive and stabilizers as
well as dredging equipment.
The Cyprus‐based lubricant specialist Lukoil Marine Lubricants has therefore developed a completely
new oil product line in cooperation with Fuchs Europe Schmierstoffe GmbH in Mannheim. The new
lubricants comply with all EAL requirements, “while providing at least the same quality as the
previously used mineral oils,” explains Stefan Claussen, Technical and Marketing Director at Lukoil’s
Hamburg office. This means that compromises with regard to service life or temperature resistance,
which had been inevitable with biodegradable oils so far, are no longer necessary. “For our new
product line we use selected saturated ester oils, which fulfil all requirements for both safe and
environmentally friendly ship operation at the same time,” adds Claussen.

These lubricating and hydraulic oils show better seal compatibility and considerably improved
operating characteristics compared to the partially unsaturated ester oils that have been available
on the market so far.”
According to information from Claussen, Lukoil Marine is the first to provide this new technology,
which due to its high ageing resistance and good water tolerance should allow for vessel operation
with the usual docking intervals of at least five years.
Bio oils for a wide range of applications
The newly developed complete of series of rapidly biodegradable oils includes gear oils, hydraulic
oils and greases for all common applications in oil‐to‐water interfaces. The series comprises the
Lukoil grades Plantosyn, Plantogear and Plantogel, which are exclusively produced for Lukoil Marine
by Fuchs Europe and mainly sold in drums containing 205 litres. “We had to tailor each product to
fulfil a wide variety of application profiles”, reports Claussen.
All bio oils bear the EU Ecolabel, which identifies products with outstanding environmental
compatibility. After extensive testing the lubricants are approved by the manufactures of the
aggregates in which the lubricants are used. Among others, the manufacturers Kemel, Wärtsilä and
Blohm + Voss have already granted approval, according to information from Lukoil. At present, the
company works on further expanding worldwide availability of the new lubricants.